Proven Leadership & A Passionate Public Servant

Like President Abraham Lincoln, I will serve you “with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right.” I will set the example of how an honest public servant answers to, is loyal to, and serves you, the public. I will help restore accountability to our legislature and restore the standard of how the free people of this great state should be able to live without fearing our government, and without disgust for the establishment corruption we have all seen playing out in the news (EB5, Gear-Up, etc.).

As with my previous service to you in the South Dakota House of Representatives, my aim is to restore the faith and trust of you, the American people, with those who are supposed to serve you. While I am a conservative Republican, those are the principles of how I will serve you and how I will vote on some of the key issues many people are concerned with. I run to serve every Democrat, Republican, Independent, and “other” voter in our district.

As your Representative in Pierre 2011-2014, I earned a reputation across South Dakota as a fearless, principled, public servant and am recognized as an outspoken leader on conservative issues.  As your Representative in Pierre, my record proves that I have voted and fought to:

  • Protect Unborn Innocent Babies
  • Uninfringe & Defend the 2nd Amendment
  • Oppose Obamacare
  • Oppose Illegal Immigration
  • Oppose Common Core
  • Cut & Limit Government
  • Oppose Tax & Fee Increases
  • Support Veterans
  • Oppose EB5 Corruption
  • Uphold & Strengthen Term Limits
  • Keep All Legislation Constitutional


Previously endorsed by NRA with “A” grades 2011-2014

Endorsed by the national Republican Liberty Caucus 2014

Endorsed by Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC) 2014

100% rating by SD Right to Life 2011-2014

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